Take time for yourself!

source url Today my friends take time for yourself,the world will not fall apart if you take an hour for you, relax in a hot bath, take a walk on the beach, meditate under a tree, journal how grateful you are,stop and take time to recharge yourself,it will make you a better you.

Stop your worrying!

When you are at the end of your rope, when things feel like they are too much and you don’t know what to do, remember to let go and let god. It doesn’t make the situation any better by worrying and getting yourself sick over it, just release it and know the universe will do its part to take it from you and make it all right.Just Believe.

Feel Blessed

Today I want to say thank you for all my blessings and one of my biggest blessings are my family and friends, for without them this journey in life would not be fulfilling. Whats the saying it’s not the breath in life its the moments that take our breathe away,be grateful, feel blessed for each and every moment you have.

Remember to give back

Remember to give back, it is the best feeling in the world to know that something you have done could help another person no matter how small. Something as small as an encouraging word or a knowing smile can go a long way. 

Pass it forward!

Life is too short…be grateful

Rejoice in the beauty of today, take time to say thanks, tell someone you love them,stop and look at the clouds.You never know if today might be the last time you speak to love ones,life is too short be grateful for each and every moment!

God speaks to you in many ways

Today my friends I realize that God speaks to us in many ways some small, some loud but  it is always what we need to hear.

If we open our minds and hearts we will hear what he has to say,feel his presence and let it fill our hearts with love.