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I have recently been starting this campaign to get ready to publish my book and with that I have started a website, a Facebook page, twitter, instagram and a YouTube page ( all with the Treadmill Treats logo) all in anticipation for the book.


I have also paid experts to drive traffic to my new website page so I thought since I will get more people starting to read my blog and a lot will be new readers, that I might want to introduce myself and what this is all about.( as you can see I have big dreams for this book)


I write this blog to try to inspire you to believe in yourself.

I write about myself, my life, my friends, my lessons because I believe everything has a lesson in it, if your willing to look for it.


I will share my failures, my joy and my lessons in hope that there is someone out there that was like me, in a horrible abusive marriage, that hit rock bottom,  that is fighting drug and alcohol addiction or trying to overcome a unspeakable childhood or just is afraid of change and is stuck.


That person will see themselves and realize that they can do it too, that yes, change is a scary but staying stuck is even worst. I am just like all of you, I am so not perfect, I fall on my face, I have problems with my teenagers, I have horrible taste in men, I am scared, I don’t have all the answers, I was lost and broken and I am trying each and every day just to be a better person, sometimes I get there, sometimes I fall short.


But I believe…. that things would get better, that I could change, I threw fear out and stepped into the unknown with just faith and I have never looked back! That is what has kept me going, faith, hope and unstoppable belief that I could do this if I just believed.


So today my friends, I hope you will follow my journey in life, it might not always be easy but I will promise you it will be uplifting, inspiring, motivational  and fun as hell!

Live your life to the fullest and never stop believing!




Gratitude to tears

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Gratitude to tears….


I am always trying to give you a message and my messages on Monday’s always talks about what I learned the day before in church. I got where I am today only because of God, if you found your way through a different path, that is great.


I don’t tell you there is only one way or you can only get there  by my way, anyway you arrire at your peace and joy is wonderful. This is just the way I got here and so I talk about it, as I know what has worked for me.


I also know about having gratitude, so much gratitude that it brings me to tears.There is never a day that I don’t wake up or before I go to sleep that I don’t thank God for waking me up, for my girls, our health, my home, my business, my purpose he gave me, my friends, my family and my life and day.


I will be driving home from the gym and look at the sunrise and cry because I am lucky enough to be here to see it. I walk into my new home and it takes my breath away as I never dreamed of owning my own home. I do my own thing, my time, I have no one to answer to, to put me down, to approve or disproved of my actions. It’s all me and the only one I try to please is my God.


I will be going along in my day and a client will call, when. I hang up every single time I say “Thank you, God” because I am so grateful for another client.

When people write me or see me and tell me how much they enjoy my blogs, I say a prayer of thanks for this gift he has given me.


There are some days that for no reason I start to cry because I remember that deep, dark place I use to reside in and I am grateful I am no longer there. I am grateful I no longer hold onto hate, fear, pain, stress and anger, that I know that this is what I had to go through to get here and it was all worth it.


So today my friends, remember if my way, if my God does not work for you, it’s okay. It’s a free country, find another way but just remember to be grateful, it always could have been another way …



Your well being equals your health

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Your well being equals  your health


I remember when I was married I was always sick, headaches, dizziness, stomach problems, hair falling out, always catching this flu or that cold, always getting bruised, I was a hot mess.


But funny how when I got divorced and moved into my own home suddenly I became well, over a year and I have been incredibly healthy. I just read a study and it talked about the effects of stress and unhappiness have on your health, how your mind and body work together, even when you don’t realize it.


It also went on to say that your attitude had a lot to do with health as well. If you were positive and happy that you were healthier. Imagine that?  It’s amazing what your mind can do. I know personally what stress can do, it made my hair fall out, I lost weight, I had stomach issues, I couldn’t sleep, I thought I was having a heart attack and went for thousands of dollars in medical tests just to be told nope your fine, it’s stress.


It was then I realized that all this worrying wasn’t changing the outcome of anything, the only thing that it was doing was making me sick and broke. That was the day I stopped worrying, yup, I no longer worry about anything, nothing, zero, zilch, nada. If I can’t changed the outcome, I’m not worrying about it, simple as that, it will be what it will be.


I have become a much healthier person because of this attitude, I am happy now, I have found peace and joy in my life, look don’t get me wrong I am human and I am a New Yorker and I get pissed off but it goes as fast as it comes, I no longer hold on to anger, resentment or hatred as I realize that these things effect my mental health as well as my physical health and no longer serve me.


So today my friends let it go, learn your mind, body connection and know that your stressing is not changing anything,know that your that your attitude effects your health and that life is way to short to miss a moment of joy…it’s all up to you.


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It might be nice to have someone. …

Thursday Treadmill Treats


It might be nice to have someone. ..


For the last 3 years I have been happy with myself, when I first got separated, for those 2 years,  I was trying to find myself, to figure out what I did in my failed marriage, to own it and learn to forgive myself and then to forgive my ex.


That was the hard part, but I needed to forgive him to move on with this new person I was becoming and I couldn’t carry this old baggage into my new life.

Three months after my divorce I met an old boyfriend and thought this might be it but he turned out to be Mr.Con Artist and that relationship left an horrible taste in my mouth and so I closed down emotionally.


For the next year I worked on my book, my relationship with my girls and my friends and I  tried to figure out the lessons I’ve learned through this all.


But recently I have been feeling like it might be nice to have someone to be with. I look around at some of my friends who have been single for years and years and they are unbendable, they are so stuck in their ways that they won’t let anyone in as they don’t want to compromise anything in their lives.

Then I have friends who think all men are dogs because of the hurt they experienced in the past and will not let anyone in that close to hurt them.


I don’t want to get to either of these points, I have a big heart,  I am romantic, I want to share my life with someone that I truly love. I don’t want to have so many rules about a future man that I rule them all out. I don’t want to get stuck in my ways that I forgot how to compromise with someone else.


I am Tinker bell, I believe in fairy tails, happy ever afters, yes I believe my true love is out there and one day I will find him. Until then I don’t want to close myself down, I want to be willing to take a chance for love.


So today my friends, remember don’t get so stuck in your own rules that you miss an incredible person. Your never too old to find your soul mate if your willing to compromise a little and open yourself up to love.





Let’s talk about sex baby..

Hump day Treadmill Treats

Lets talk about sex baby…

There’s a song that says let’s talk about sex baby but if that’s all you got in your relationship you’re sadly mistaken to think you even have a relationship.

Yes, it’s a great part of a relationship but it’s not the end all to be all, if you can’t talk, if you have no trust, if the other person is putting you down, belittling you, if you have nothing else but sex, then you’re fooling yourself.

Yet I’ve seen people stay in horrible relationships because of this one thing… really?? You are miserable but hey you have great sex? Are you worried that you will never have great sex again? Or that no one else will love you? Are you afraid of being alone? Why are you there?

Yes, we all stay for stupid reasons, well to us they are not stupid, we justify them, they make sense to us. For years my friends told me to leave my ex husband, and let me tell you the sex wasn’t even all that and I still stayed, I knew it was bad, I was miserable yet I was still there. Why? I didn’t know my own worth, I didn’t think I could make it, I didn’t love myself to expect better so I stayed and no matter how many times people tried to talk sense into me, I wasn’t hearing it.

So today my friends, know your worth, know you are a good and kind person, know that you have a good heart, know that even without a relationship you are still whole.

Know that you are loved for you and not for things you have or don’t have, loved in spite of past mistakes, loved because we know the true you. If you want to change, you can, I am the biggest advocate of change, but you must want this, you must take the first step to make yourself truly happy from the inside out. I have learned that a lot of the things that used to make me “happy” were like band aids covering up and masking my pain and hurt, I learned that I am good without all of the stuff, without filling myself up with drugs, liquor and men, fancy pocketbooks or expensive shoes. I learned I have joy in my heart and that is priceless and trust me when you find it my friend, nothing will compare not even great sex.

So the next time you say your staying because …. fill in the blanks ask yourself are you truly happy? Do you have peace and joy in your heart? If the answer is no its time to move on and find it in yourself before you try to fill it with sex or another person.


I learned from my mom

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

I learned from my mom. .

This weekend as I was working on putting down a pallet of sod in my back yard, my neighbors stopped by and gave me an incredible complainant, she said she had never seen a women work as hard as me.

She went on to say she had watched me rip out the bathrooms, put down the hardwood floors in my loft, do my stone backspash, put up my fence and put down a paver patio with included 2 truck loads of sand and 3 pallets of pavers  (this was with help of a friend ) clean and drag out too many bags to count of dirt and crap  to the curb, put up a shed (with help from another friend, I am blessed to have a lot of friends ) and here I was putting up bamboo fencing and a pallet of sod by myself.

She asked where did I learn to do this and where did I get my work ethic from? I laughed I knew exactly where I got it from, my wonderful mom, she was my role model, my hero and she was one of the toughest bitches I knew. I say that with love as she was the hardest working women I ever met. She and my step dad were poor, she was a waitress doing the 11-7 am shift in the local diner, on her days off and after she woke up she would help my dad on this broken down 100 year farm house we owned.
I can remember her on the scaffold fixing the chimney with my dad, digging ditches to redo the plumbing with him, ripping out bathrooms, walls, painting, scrapping and spackeling walls.
She never complained, she just did what needed to be done.

This was no 30 day project like mine, no this was a 30 year project, every free day and every free dollar went into this property, we never went on vacations, she never had new clothes, she owned 3 outfits, her diner work clothes, her yard work clothes and one brown dress that she wore to every occasion, that’s it.
I can remember our neighbors saying “your mom works like a man” and so when my neighbor said this to me I was honored to say I was my mother’s daughter.

I hope to teach this to my girls, that hard work will never kill you, that you can do anything you set your mind to especially now that we have you tube! (Hello, it taught me how to put up backspash and the hardwood floors! )
You don’t have to depend on a man, you got this, you are strong, independent women, your never to old and you never say “I’m a girl I can’t do this ”

I am trying to show them after so many years of watching me being belittled and put down, that change is possible, that change is incredible, do not live in fear, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

So today my friends, do not let gender, age or any other thing your mind is telling you you can’t do stop you. You have this in you too, dig deep find it, pull it out, dust it off, you got this….the only thing stopping you is you….


Just what I needed to hear

Treadmill Treats Monday Message

Just what I needed to hear..

It is still amazing to me even though I preach about my faith, even though I write an inspirational blog, that I am surprised  that I am human and sometimes I need a word, I stumble, I wonder when it is coming.
Don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed for everything in my life and have never been happier but I know that there is more for me, that he gave me this gift of writing, this testimony I need to tell the world and sometimes I ask when is it coming? Why isn’t it here faster?

Faith is a process..but we want it now, fast, we have no patience but to have deep faith, it takes work, it is a process, and I need to remember that.

So when I came to church yesterday the message was just what I needed to hear. See  since I started at this church, this verse has touched me like no other, it has come up time after time when I needed it and it has given me strength to go on.

The verse is Romans 8.28  “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose.
If God is for us, who can be against us”

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this writing is his gift, it’s my purpose, I have to finish this book and put it out there so that God can work his miracles.
The message went on to say
“What are you doing with your  gifts?  did you buried your talents ? Why are you waiting? God has your blessings, he is waiting on you”

Did I tell you that God speaks through my Bishop straight to me?  Yes, he does time after time, just like now…. I have had so much going on I have been procrastinating about finishing the book, but this was just the message I needed to hear to set a fire under my butt!

So I went home, I wrote the back cover, I wrote the about the author blurb, I picked the cover, did research and sent it all off to my editor.

So today my friends, remember we all get down,we want it all, we all need to hear an encouraging word to keep going, your not alone. Just listen, the message will come,it might be from a sermon, it might be a song, a article you read, a message from a friend but your message is coming and you have to be open to receive it, it will be just what you needed to hear ….


Thoughts become things…

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Thoughts become things. ..

They are a lot of ways to say this and recently my youngest said she wanted to read the Secret. She was blown away by the concept of this book, I was blown away because she was reading it! ( maybe with all I speak about, they are actually listening?? )

She said this guy who wrote the book was a great writer, I told her that yes but this wasn’t his idea, he just wrapped it in a new package, this was a concept going back thousands of years, it started from the Bible, yes the bible…”you reap what you sow”
Same thing as “you get what you put out in the universe”

“If you believe, you shall have”
“Ask and you shall receive”
Same thing different packaging but however you get there it is the message that is important.
If you keep saying I’m broke, your going to continue to be broke. If you say I’m never getting out of this situation, guess what your not!
If all you sow is negatively, doubt, fears, bad energy that is what your getting back, in abundance!

I never once thought, when I changed my mind set, that I would be stuck in that horrible marriage forever. I knew there were bigger and better things in store for me, I believed it as if it already happened, I never gave up, year after year I held on to the dream. Until it came true, way better than I could have dreamed of..way, way better!

But here is the key…when I changed my mind set….you have to be willing to change, throw your old ideas out, change what you speak, get rid of negative people and committ to believing even while your going through the storm, never give up!

Say what you want, write it, speak it to the universe , to anyone who will listen, make a vision board, dream it, act like it is already yours and your living it at this moment. Don’t let others rain on your parade if they don’t believe in your dreams assure them, they won’t be coming with you when your train comes in.

I speak about my NY Times best-selling book, my international blog, my tour, telling people to never give up I have now added Oprah super soul Sunday and Tyler Perry making my movie! Hell ya I dream big, I believe in my soul all of this will come to pass, there is no doubt in my mind, none, zero,zip!!

So today my friends, call it anything you want, wrap it in whatever package makes you feel good, just know it’s up to you to change, to believe, to put it out there…it’s all yours, it’s just waiting on you…

Can you handle the truth?

Thursday Treadmill Treats
Can you handle the truth?

There are some people that can’t handle the truth, they might ask you for your opinion yet they think that theirs is better, so why ask?

I was like that, my best friend is gay and when we would go shopping I would ask his opinion, when he would say he didn’t like something I would ask “Why?  What’s wrong with it? How come?”  He would get mad and say “Bitch, do you want my opinion or what?  I don’t like it”
Well did I? Yes on my terms, because I liked it so why didn’t he?
Through out our friendship I can always count on him to be brutally honest with me even when I didn’t want to hear it and even when it hurts, I know he is honest.

But there are so many people like me, who want advice yet can’t handle the truth. We sometimes can even see the truth in ourselves
I couldn’t admit I had a drinking or drug problem for years, even when I was waking up on the floor with vomit all around me, hungover yet again, no problem, I still went to work, I was good.

I couldn’t admit my ex was verbally abusive even to myself, that would mean I failed, that I picked the wrong one and I couldn’t face the truth for years.
When everyone said Mr con artist was just that ….no I said your just haters that I am so happy,  no even though the signs were there and my intuition was screaming I couldn’t admit the mistake I had made.

We can’t handle the truth because of our ego, that would mean we didn’t pick right or do the right thing, God for bid we make a mistake and the world sees it! How could we ever redeem ourselves in people’s eyes?

I write this blog and I am brutally honest now, I fall ,I do stupid things, I make mistakes, huge mistakes yet I am always trying to learn the lessons from them, I can handle the truth because I know there is a lesson and so I put it all out there so that others might see themselves and know it’s alright to fail and to not be afraid of the truth.

So today my friends, think about if you can really handle the truth?  Can you take off the rose colored glasses you see yourself through and stop worrying about what others will think or say? Look the truth in the face, stand up straight, admit your failure, own it, find the lesson, forgive yourself and let it go and move on….because yes, sometimes the truth hurts  but sometimes the truth will set you free!!