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St. Mark's Women's Dinner

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This is Rape Series

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This is Rape Series Event 

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Love Me More

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Domestic Violence Forum

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Katrina E.


"Francesca Villardi is concerned about the well being of others. She contributes a significant view women appreciate. I am a member of a women's board that hosts events with a variety of topics affecting women and families to which Fran has been a panel guest for our domestic violence awareness event. Her genuine expression and passion not only addresses the issues but also includes how to deal with them along with the cares of our everyday challenges. She adds a motivating spark and uplifts those she encounters. In addition to speaking, she has graciously supported our other events. Fran is sincerely a delight and is a valuable source for encouragement. She shares her life experiences and knowledge for the benefit of others as a willing vessel"

Jorine J.


"I enjoyed having you at my event speaking because of your transparency I realize that you would be an open book and relatable and while presenting I can tell that you touched a lot of people you make connections and kept those connections even after the event so so those are the reasons why I felt like I made the right decision by choosing you to speak at my event and also to speak at future events because you're really good at it and you have a gift so thank you again"

Alisha S.


"I was enlighten and inspired about your challenges through substance usage yet you fought through by having faith.  
I also was inspired by God manifestation of your career elevation. You may have lost a good job yet God blessed you with a business. Awesome.Fran you are a blessing to many women who struggle everyday with various issues. Your platform will build and expand as you follow God's guidance"  

Jennifer S.


"She was genuine and real, it's hard to find that nowadays...she reminded me that even in our most deepest personal moments and thoughts we're not alone that there are women out there that need to be reminded they're not alone too and that there's power when we unite!"

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