Thanks to all my soul sisters

get link Today I would like to first start out thanking god for all of my blessings! then I would like to thank my soul sisters, for truly I wouldnt know what to do without them.

see url Yesterday was a really bad day for me, you know the kind first thing in the morning everyone in your house starts fighting with you,  oh great start! and on top of that it was the anniversary of my dads death not a great day to say the least.

buy finasteride in pakistan I ended up crying almost all day only pulling myself together enough to  go to work,the universe has a way of putting out an SOS and low and behold my soul sisters started calling or texting me and they could tell something was wrong with me.

I got the most wonderful texts telling me to keep going, just full of support and encouragement, it was beautiful, then later on I went out  with Griselle and Agashee and by the end of the night we were all  laughing and I so glad that I went.

When I got home I realized how blessed I truly am,I pulled my head outta my ass, dusted myself off and realized that  I am  grateful for my life, pity party for one  is now over thanks for coming! 

My biggest thanks to all of my soul sisters, this is the message we need to get out there we need each other, our life would not be complete without each other!! pass it forward!!

The universe at work

Yesterday I posted to just believe  and then I get a phone from a soul sister that was going through some hard times and she tells me that all of a sudden things are turning around, that even thought it looked bleak at times she kept her faith and now things were turning around for the better!

See the universe hears us and even though we would like every thing now, the universe will deliver when everything is centered as it should be. So relax and know the universe is at work for you.

Reach deep down

Even though you might have faith there are some days that your faith is tested and you feel that how can this be happening to me when I believe?

That is when you have to reach deep down into your soul and pull out all you have of your faith because that is what keeps you going,it also helps if you are lucky enough to have some soul sisters to give you a pep talk to get you back on track!

Just remember you have to believe just belive! it will all be okay.

Thank you, my friend

Todays blog is for one of my best friends Mel, I want her to know and I want to take my own advise that I wrote about the other day and put it out there.She is my Soul Sister and I don’t think I could get through my life without her in it.

I want to tell her how much I admire her and that she is my hero! not just because she is a wonderful mother and wife but because of all she has endured in her life that she still has a positive outlook and keeps going and beileving.She went back to school at 40 to changed careers to better herself, she is always there for countless friends and family.

She has more guts than anyone I know and I want to tell her how proud I am of her and how much she brings into my world, to thank her and god for bringing her back into my life, my friend, my soul sister you go girl!!!

Now go and tell someone in your life how much they inspire you and how much their presence in your life means, life is too short you never know what is going to happen, do it now!!

Brighten some ones day

Today my friends lets see if we can give support to use  some one we know out there that is going through a tough time.

Maybe today they can use  a kind word or a friendly face to change their day, wouldn’t it warm your heart to know that a gesture you did made a little bit of a  difference in brightening someones day? Try it!!

We are Blessed

Today my friends, I learned a lesson that you are an inspiration to some one out there.

I was lucky enough for one of my soul sisters Melba, to tell me that my words inspired her to be positive and keep going through some difficult times,it made me realized how truly blessed I am to be able to help someone,it also made me realize that we all need to tell someone in our lives that they inspire us, to pay it forward because we are all blessed.


Dont be afraid of change, change is good ,it makes you grow, it makes you know what you are really made of.

Remember without the test there would be no testimony! and belive me you so want to be able  to have a testimony of all that you gotten through to get to where you are today!congraduate yourself, you are a survivor!!

Pass it on

What is it about when your feeling great some thing or someone comes along to knock you down from your “happy box” as if to say sorry your too happy, can’t let that happen! and all of a sudden you start questioning your happiness,maybe it not real, maybe it wont last until you talk your self into being unhappy,what is that all about?

I am blessed that I have a wonderful group of Soul Sisters that I can count on to drag me back on my “happy box”, to let me know I am worthy this is real, and to be grateful.

That is what I am trying to get each and every one of you out there to realize that we have to be here to empower each other, to lift each other up when we need it! remember the feeling and pass it on!!

Tell your Testimony!!

Dont be afraid of change! change is good it makes you grow into a better person, it teaches you what you are really made of

remember without the test you would have no testimony!!

Bring it on universe!!

Technical problems!

Sorry I have been on here in a few days I was having technical problems on this site! you know how it goes, like having technical problems in your life some times you can’t avoid it no matter how hard you try! you just have to remember that the universe has a reason for everything and you have to learn to go with the flow maybe the universe is teaching the lesson you need to learn at this moment, to let go and go with the flow, see everyday is a new learnung experience for us as long as we are open to it! thanks for being here as I start this journey