The pivotal point

getting Fincar without doctor A pivotal point

purchase erythromycin We all come to a point in our lives, a cross roads, the pivotal point where we need to make a choice, a decision that will change our lives forever.

We need to make good decisions that will glorify God, we need to realize our decisions are attached to our outcome.
See there are some oppunitunies that will only come once and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

This is why you need to be intentional about what you do, be intentional about what you speak.
Make this moment count, do not take this moment lightly, be intentional, don’t be foolish in wasting this time.

Aren’t you too old for drama? For foolishness? To play around? You may only get one more chance to get it right.
You decide how you are are going to move ahead, you decide to change your life.

In the bible God’s way is always best, the only way. Yes, you may be fighting the spirit of evil around you, in your family, in your workplace, in your finances, in your relationships and if you think your going to fight all of this on your own, your wrong.

God saw what you have done, he saw the destruction that is taking place and he is trying to let you get it right. Some of you think you can go back and get a second chance,  and so many have had second, third and fourth chances.

God is saying “To whom can I give warning, they can not hear, they don’t want to listen to God, I am tired of holding it in.I will pour out my anger on them to make a choice I will raise my fist at the people”

We all have pivotal point in our lives where you must choose which way you must go but we need to talk to God, to ask God which is best for you. Go with him, let him cover you, even if you don’t have it together. Here’s the thing, some of you fixed yourselves up then you act like you don’t know him. After you asked for his help and he gave it to you, then you act like you did it, like you don’t owe him the praise.
We have a last chance to recover what the enemy has stolen from us, we need to pick a road, we need to make a choice to honor him.

“Stop at the crossways and look around ask for the old, godly way and walk in it. Travel it’s path and you will find rest for your souls” these are God’s words, these are God’s promises to you.

In this day people refuse to honor him, to give it to him.
We need to stop at the crossroads, we need to:
Look around
Reflect on the past
Rejuvenate your spirit
To have preservance
To stop and access what you did in the past and make it right.
If you walk outside of his word you will never get it right.

When you walk in his word he will transform your life, but this moment requires you to walk in the ways of God. He will bring completeness in your life and that is how you make the moment count.

This message may be for you if you said enough is enough.
When your tired of making the same stupid mistakes your making over and over.
When you stop letting people use you!

Your best answer is no!
(Lord knows this message is for me! And that I needed to hear it)

When you tune out the distractions and listen to what God has for you, regardless of how you’ve been wronged, how no one has apologized to you, how hurt you have been, it is then that you must come to an understanding and you must pick a path you have to take.

Choose the right path, this road less traveled. Yes, it may be hard but good things are not easy to obtain.
So today my friends remember this decision requires these things:
It requires deaciation.
It requires study.
It requires commitment.
It requires prayer.
It requires fasting.
It requires you giving it up and giving it over to God.
If you do these things, if you make this choice, you can change your life.

Make this moment count… We may never get this moment back, we may never get another chance so change your life now. This is your pivotal point.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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