Unlucky in love

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Finpecia costco pharmacy If you read my blog you know that I am blessed and I say it all the time. I have a wonderful life, I have my faith, great kids, amazing friends, a church and a church family that give me support. I have business I love and a God given purpose in writing…with this blog and my books.

But the one thing I have never been lucky in, is love…
Yes, love has eluded me for many years…
We all have had a love of our life, mine was my first true love but since then I have been in love but not like that.

I thought I was in love a lot of times, but it turned out to just be infatuation, it turned out to be yet another wrong decision.

I seem to fall in love with men who are broken, men with issues, men who are unattainable. This is when I fall the hardest, when I think…I can change them, with my love and patience, they can be the man God called them to be.
Yes, so many of us believe that, as women we are nurturers, we want to care for the broken, we want to be needed.

Why? I ask myself, why do I go after these types? When I did all the work for myself, when I fixed what was broken in me.
I took the time, I put in the effort into becoming whole, so why can’t I go for someone who has also done the same.

I think when will I find a good man? How many more heartbreaks do I need to go through? Will I ever be lucky in love?

Yes, even though I am motivational speaker, I write an inspirational blog and I am the most positive person you will meet, I am also human…I also get down, I hurt, I cry at night…I am like so many of you out there reading this…

For the most part, yea, I am that positive person and I know I will have another chance at true love. I know that I didn’t go though all I’ve gone through not to have a happily ever after.

I know that I must kiss alot of frogs till I find my Prince…
I know that the second half of my life will be way better than my first half. That I have fought too long and hard, I have sowed too many seeds not to have my harvest.

But sometimes when you are going through the storms, you can’t see the rainbow. Sometimes you think, this road is too hard and too long, so maybe I should give up.

I would but I am that prize fighter, I am Rocky, who gets knocked down, beat up, who is half dead but is still pulling himself up on the ropes. He has heart, he is not giving up, no matter how many times he gets knocked down.

That is me…I will get knocked down, I will see things fuzzy for a while, I might think there is no one out here, that things look hopeless but as soon as that fuzziness is gone and I can see clearly, I will grab on to the ropes, I will pull myself up, I will keep fighting, I will keep believing that I can win that true love is possible.

After all I am Tinker bell…I believe in fairy tales, in happily ever afters…I believe my Prince is out there. Trust me, I have not kissed this many frogs not expecting my Prince.

So today my friends, know that there is hope for you, for me…know that even though you may have picked wrong time and time again, even though it feels like there is only frogs out there. Oh hell, lets be real… not just frogs but toads out there.
If you never give up, if you work on you and not settle for the next toad because you are lonely, because your afraid you won’t find another one. If you know your self worth, if your set against settling, know that I am with you.

We have each other, we have a wonderful life and if you don’t get one! Read my pasts blogs to find out how to do it.
But don’t give up, there are plenty of great men out there, I know as so many of my friends are great men.

Remember nothing worth having is easy to come by…so keep kissing those frogs and know that one day we will no longer be unlucky in love.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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